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Is Your Business Burning Money? (Business Process Analysis Guide)

An engine working at 40% efficiency consumes more energy as it generates.  That wastes money.

In your company “the way we do things” could be killing your profit margin.  Maybe it’s time to adjust your business processes to current market conditions.

By performing our 6 Point Business Process Analysis, you’ll spot those areas that are burning up dollars.

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Should You Automate or Do It By Hand?  (Automation Analysis Guide)

Chances are your people are performing some business processes by hand.  Maybe they’re:

  • Manually transferring data from one program to another
  • Checking inventory with a clipboard and pencil
  • Filling out shop floor time cards
  • Tracking customer warranty history in a 3-ring binder

You get the idea.

Sometimes the manual method is the most efficient. Sometimes it makes you hemorrhage dollars.

By performing our 4 Point Automation Analysis on your manual systems, you’ll be able to determine if it pays to automate.

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Replace or Recalibrate?  (Business Tune-Up Analysis Guide)

Sometimes all you need is a tune-up.

If your car is running rough, you’ll often get a tune-up.  But if what’s REALLY wrong costs more to fix than the car is worth, it’s better to buy a new car.  Could you figure that out without your mechanic?

If your company’s software systems don’t seem to be working for you, do you just need a tune-up?  Or do you really need to buy a new system?

Before you spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on new software, perform our 6 Point Tune-Up Analysis on your current systems.  Maybe all you need is a tune up.

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